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The Whispered Life


He Whispered Life unfolds the riveting life journey of Montessa Lee and her battle to survive and overcome the disparaging diagnosis of Lung Cancer. This book beautifully captures Montessa's story of hope and transformation through her deep faith in God. It also provides an insightful look into the unique world that cancer patients and caretakers grapple with and draws attention to need to reexamine cancer funding. This book will provide inspiration and a mirror to overcome for anyone facing challenges in their life.

Your book is amazing!

Marcus Newsome - Chesterfield, VA.


I just finished reading your book. It was beautiful and so inspiring! You have always been an inspiration to me because no matter what happened you overcame it. I am so proud to know you!

The Amanda Kula - Swansboro, NC.


The book was very uplifting.

Mary Horton - Queens, NY.

Team Draft - An Initiative of Chris Draft Family Foundation


Montessa Lee is Changing the Face of Lung Cancer...

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Ms. Montessa Lee: I am a lung cancer survivor and I am here to give this disease a voice...

Advocate Montessa Lee: 'Let's Dispel The Myth That Only Smokers Get Lung Cancer'


Ms. Montessa Lee: "I was a nonsmoker—something I tell people along with my diagnosis, because I know they’re going to ask."


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