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Diagnosed with lung cancer at the age of 28. Lung cancer is the leading cancer killer. How can one find hope after a diagnosis of lung cancer? In He Whispered Life, Montessa Lee walks us through her journey after being diagnosed with lung cancer. She not only tells the reader how she found hope through the word of the Lord, but how she also learned how to redefine herself through this journey. This book will provide inspiration and hope to those facing challenges in their life.

The Whispered Life


He Whispered Life unfolds the riveting life journey of Montessa Lee and her battle to survive and overcome the disparaging diagnosis of Lung Cancer. This book beautifully captures Montessa's story of hope and transformation through her deep faith in God. It also provides an insightful look into the unique world that cancer patients and caretakers grapple with and draws attention to need to reexamine cancer funding.  This book will provide inspiration and a mirror to overcome for anyone facing challenges in their life.

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